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High speed wire rod Galvanized steel/iron wire Hot rolled strip steel High tensile low relaxation PC strand wire Steel Billet

Plain Carbon Steel

Product Name:Cold-drawn wire

Steel Code:Q195/Q235

Executive Standard:GB/T701-2008

Size range:Φ6.5mm

Application Field:Industrial wire drawing,making wire mesh

Plain Carbon Steel

Product Name:Amecican standard wire

Steel Code:SAE1006/1008/1006B/1008B/1018B/1055/1022

Executive Standard:ASTM A510M

Size range:Φ5.5-20mm

Application Field:Industrial wire drawing(export)

High-quality Carbon Steel

Product Name:High-quality Carbon Steel

Steel Code:45#, 55#, 60#, 65#, 70#

Executive Standard:GB/T4354-2008

Size range:Φ6.5-16mm

Application Field:Industrial wire drawing, nail,spring

PC strand wire steel

Product Name:PC strand wire steel

Steel Code:SWRH62B,SWRH77B,SWRH82B

Executive Standard:JIS G 3506

Size range:Φ6.5, Φ8.0-11.0, Φ8.0-14.0

Application Field:PC strand wire, nail, indented wire

Welding steel

Product Name:Welding steel

Steel Code:H08A, H08MnA

Executive Standard:GB/T 3429-2015

Size range:Φ6.5

Application Field:After wire drawing,be used as welding core

Welding steel

Product Name:Welding steel

Steel Code:ER70S-6

Executive Standard:GB/T 3429-2015

Size range:Φ5.5-6.5

Application Field:Used for producing submerged arc welding wire

Cold heading steel

Product Name:Japanese standard 

Steel Code:SWRCH35K, SWRCH22A

Executive Standard:JIS G 3507

Size range:Φ6.5-16.0, Φ5.5-6.5

Application Field:Used for making standard parts,nails, self-tapping nails

Cold heading steel

Product Name:Cold heading steel

Steel Code:AS08

Executive Standard:YB/T4155-2006

Size range:Φ6.5-20.0

Application Field:Used for making standard parts,nut, bolt

Constraction steel

Product Name:Hot rolled ribbed bars for reinforced concrete

Steel Code:HRB400, HRB400E, HRB500, HRB500E

Executive Standard:GB/T 1499.2-2018

Size range:Φ8, Φ12

Application Field:Real estate and construction industry

Constraction steel

Product Name:Hot-rolled round bars

Steel Code:HPB300

Executive Standard:GB/T1499.1-2017

Size range:Φ6.5

Application Field:Construction industry

Constraction steel

Product Name:Hot-rolled round bars

Steel Code:30MnSi

Executive Standard:GB/T24587-2009

Size range:Φ8-12

Application Field:Construction industry

Spring steel

Product Name:Spring steel

Steel Code:65Mn

Executive Standard:GB/T 1222-2016

Size range:Φ6.5

Application Field:Used for making spring steel

Alloy Structural steel

Product Name:Alloy Structural steel

Steel Code:20Mn2A

Executive Standard:GB/T 1222-2016

Size range:Φ6.5-14

Application Field:Used for making chain

Tire cord steel

Product Name:Tire cord steel

Steel Code:C72DA, C82DA

Executive Standard:GB/T 27691-2017

Size range:Φ5.5

Application Field:Used for making hose wire and bead wires

Galvanized steel/iron wire

Galvanized steel/iron wire is a reprocessed product made of hot-rolled wire rod by cold drawing, it is divided into hot dipped galvanized wire and electro galvanized wire. 

Galvanized wire is designed to prevent rusting and shiny silver in color, has good toughness and flexibility, the maximum amount of zinc can reach 285 g /㎡. It is solid, durable and extremely versatile, widely used by landscapers, craft makers, building.We have 9 advanced electro galvanized lines, 6 hot-dipped production lines, output more than 430,000 tons per year.

Product name

Galvanized steel/iron wire




1.6 ~ 5.0mm

Surface treatment

Hot-dipped galvanized or electro galvanized


GB/T 3094, GB/T6728, ASTM-A363, ASTM-B498, AiSi

Raw material

Q195, Q235, 45#/55#/60#/72A/82B

Tensile strength

380 ~ 1150 MPA



Coil weight

400 ~ 800 KGS


Used for making wire mesh, cable or nails

Single package size

Inner diameter:450mm, outer diameter:800mm, height:400~800mm


plastic film inside and woven bag outside

Zinc coating

Electro galvanized 20~35 g/㎡, hot-dipped galvanized 230~285 g/㎡

Annual output

1200 tons/day, more than 430,000 tons/year.


30 Tons


30% T/T deposit, 70% balance by T/T or L/C at sight before shipment.

Hot rolled strip steel

The advantages of hot-rolled strip steel are thin gauge, high dimensional accuracy, excellent processing performance and high yield. In the using of strip steel, not only high corrosion resistance, but also high cryogenic impact toughness and excellent welding performance are required.

Our product can meet the needs of shearing, rolling, bending, punching and simple drawing. Widely used in welded pipe, steel structure, cable tray, shelves, hardware, machinery, electrical cabinets, vehicles and other industries.

Product name Specification Administer standard Measurement (mm)

Typical applications

Strip steel Q195-Q235 GB/T 3524 Width:352-520 Thickness:1.7-7.75 Cold rolling, tube making

High tensile low relaxation PC strand wire

PC strand wire is a twisted cable made up of 3, 7 or 19 high-strength steel wires and subjected to stress relief treatment, the main characteristics are high strength and good relaxation, and it is straighter when expanded, the typical tensile strength grade is 1860 MPa.

PC strand is suitable for prestressed concrete or similar purposes, saving steel consumption, high tensile strength, elongation, low relaxation and stress losses small. The PC Strands has good performance characteristics such as fatigue, belong to high efficiency in steel products. It is widely used for precast concrete structure, such as bridge upper plate, railway sleeper and construction areas. Our factory have 12 advanced production lines, annual output more than 350,000 tons.

Features of the prestressed concrete strand:

1.High tensile strength, low relaxation, stable modulus of elasticity, stress-relieved, straight, firm connection with concrete.

2.Unbonded and bonded prestressed steel strands have good corrosion resistance and small friction of unbonded tendons, which can be easily bent into curved shapes.

3.It is suitable for cast-in-place concrete of special structures such as long-span and wide buildings and heavy-duty precast beams.

4.No grouting hole, grouting, easy to use, material saving, easy to bend and so on.

Product Description:

Product name

High tensile low relaxation PC strand wire




12.7mm, 15.2mm, 17.8mm


1*7 wires


GB/T 5224, ASTM A 416

Raw material

High carbon wire SWRH82B

Tensile strength


Low relaxation


Coil weight

2.5 ~ 3.5 MT


Used in the upper plates of bridges, coal mines and construction industry.


Water-proof export packing with wood pallets.
Each coil will be strapped by steel bands at 8 places, fully wrapped with plastic film & weaving bag, and strapped again by steel bands at 8 places.

Annual output

1000 tons/day, more than 350,000 tons/year


100 MT


30% T/T deposit, 70% balance by T/T or L/C at sight before shipment


Technical parameter:

Dia (mm)

Tensile strength (MPa)

Breaking load (KN)

Yield force at 0.2% extension (KN)

Cross section(mm²)

Approximate weight(g/m)

Relaxation at 1000h




















Steel Billet

Steel billet is a length of metal with a square Section produced by hot rolling continuous casting billets, it is a semi-finished casting product that needs further processing before becoming a finished material. steel billets are mainly represented by plain carbon steel, low carbon and low silicon cold rolled material, high quality carbon structural steel, low alloy high strength steel and special steel grades.

It’s widely used in cold drawing, industrial equipment and tooling machinery and structural use.

Product name

Steel billet / Steel square bar






Hot rolled, Continuous casting and rolling






Loose packing, in bundle


Third party inspection accepted


carbon structural steel, wire rod, rod, deformed bars, 
profile steel, machine parts,  etc.

Annual output

13000 tons/day, more than 4,500,000 tons/year.


3000 Tons


50% T/T deposit, 50% balance by T/T or L/C at sight before shipment.


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