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Comrade Wang Bing'an won the honorary title of "National Steel Industry Labor Model"

Comrade Wang Bing'an won the honorary title of "National Steel Industry Labor Model"

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On the morning of July 31, 2014, the National Steel Industry Advanced Collective Advanced Workers and Labor Model Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. The Deputy General Manager of Xinji Aosen
On the morning of July 31, 2014, the National Steel Industry Advanced Collective Advanced Workers and Labor Model Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. The Deputy General Manager of Xinji Aosen Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and the Director of the Ironmaking General Plant, Wang Bingan, were awarded the “National Iron and Steel Industry Labor”. Model "honorary title.
Comrade Wang Bing'an, since he entered the factory in 2002, he has served as deputy director of production scheduling and production technology department, director of steelmaking plant, director of production department, director of cement factory, director of second rolling mill, and served since March 2010 The director of the ironworks.
Seeking truth
Whenever the night is quiet, others have gone to sleep, and he is still studying in the office. Through continuous learning, thinking and practice, he gradually grew into a “leader” of ironmaking technology. His spirit of “lifelong learning and continuous transcendence” set an example for every Australian.
On weekdays, he spends most of his time on work, and he can't return home several times a month. On the New Year's Eve family reunion every year, he still sticks to the front line. In order to ensure the normal production of the company, he is responsible, responsible, and home-like.
Iron man will
When the accident was repaired, he took the lead and calmly commanded. When the blast furnace was out of order, he did not close his eyes for many days, and he did not go down the stove for half a month. He defeated the difficulties and obstacles with the will of the "Iron Man" and achieved one victory after another.
Under his leadership, this year's ironworks production and consumption indicators have achieved record success. In July, the blast furnace Nissan and fuel ratios all set a new history; the iron-making environmental transformation was recommended as a demonstration project by the Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Agency, and dozens of steel mills came to visit and study, which created huge economic and social benefits for the company.
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