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The steel pipe industry ushered in the "big test"

The steel pipe industry ushered in the "big test"

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On the occasion of the “3.15” consumer rights day, the steel pipe industry ushered in the first “standard test” after the implementation of the new national standard. It is reported that the "Finding China's Good Steel Pipe, the New National Standard China Land Verification Operation" jointly participated by the China Construction Enterprise Management Association Engineering Materials Equipment Working Committee and the China Construction Industry Association Materials Branch will be officially launched on March 15. The inspection will use four cities in Zhengzhou, Changsha, Nanjing and Hangzhou as samples to sample the local market steel pipes and then send them to the relevant quality inspection departments of the country for quality inspection.
Standards are an important technical basis for economic and social development. Promoting industry standardization often has an unexpected impact on the industrial revolution. Taking this auditing activity as an opportunity, on the one hand, we can have a clear understanding of the current standards of steel pipe enterprises; on the other hand, we can also have a deep understanding of the problems encountered by enterprises in the process of implementing new national standards, which will help accelerate The implementation of the new national standard for steel pipes in the whole industry.
In the short term, the implementation of the new national standard for steel pipes will increase the production costs of enterprises to a certain extent, but the life of the steel pipes has been greatly improved. More importantly, after setting the “bottom line” of the process, it will contribute to the innovation and breakthrough of the whole process of the steel pipe industry. In short, for the entire industry, only standardized, standardized production, in order to occupy a place in the market competition.
This time, "finding China's good steel pipe, the new national standard China's landing verification action" is only a propeller to implement the new national standard. In the future, the implementation of the new national standard still requires the collective participation of enterprises in the steel pipe industry, in order to usher in a qualitative leap