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Aosen Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Aosen Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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First,thecompany'sdevelopmentstatus 1.CompanyProfile XinjiCityAosenSteelCo.,Ltd.wasestablishedinJuly2002.Theownershipsystemisprivateenterprisewitharegisteredcapitalof600millionyuanandthelegalrepresent
First, the company's development status
1. Company Profile
Xinji City Aosen Steel Co., Ltd. was established in July 2002. The ownership system is private enterprise with a registered capital of 600 million yuan and the legal representative is Wang Bing'an. The company is developed on the basis of the original Bainsitic Steel Plant of Xinji City. It is a steel joint enterprise integrating sintering, iron making, steel making, steel rolling, coking and logistics. The company has more than 5,600 employees, total assets of 7 billion yuan and fixed assets of 5.5 billion yuan.
Companies in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise management system, sound management institutions, has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, OHSAS10012 certification and energy management system certification (China Classification Society certification). Since 2005, the company has been rated as one of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises and one of the top 100 enterprises in Hebei. Now it is a member unit of China Iron and Steel Industry Association and an executive director unit of Hebei Metallurgical Industry Association.
2. Policy compliance
Since our company was put into production in 2002, under the guidance of the provincial and municipal governments and relevant departments, the company has gradually entered a healthy, steady and rapid development track. The No. 1 document of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology [2014] has listed our company as an enterprise that meets the “Specifications of the Iron and Steel Industry” and has verified the production capacity of our company: 3.6 million tons of steelmaking and 3.6 million tons of hot rolled steel. The inclusion of the steel industry norms has laid a solid foundation for the company's supporting development, which has defined the direction for the establishment of green steel enterprises in our company, and also provided an important policy basis for handling administrative licenses.
3, product structure
The company's existing products mainly include: billet, slab, high-speed wire and hot-rolled strip steel, etc. The product specifications mainly include: high-speed wire for industrial drawing (Q195, Q235, SAE1008B and other common carbon series), steel for standard parts ( AS08, 195M cold heading series, Φ6.5-20mm), construction steel, high quality carbon structural steel (45#, 55#, 60#, 65#, 70#, 80# series), for prestressed steel strands Steel (SWRH82B, SWRH77B series, Φ8-12.5mm), and medium-width steel (352-520mm wide, 1.75~7.75mm thick). Its product quality is stable and reliable, and it is sold well in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, and exported to Taiwan, Singapore and other countries and regions such as Southeast Asia and Europe.
4. Business status
Under the background of national production capacity regulation, the company has overcome many difficulties and scientific planning, closely focusing on the long-term development strategy of “building a green steel enterprise and building a century-old Australian forest”, and insisting on the development idea of ​​“innovation, transformation and upgrading”. “Green, safety, quality, and efficiency” have been working at the center and have achieved good results. In 2016, the company achieved sales income of 6.2 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 248 million yuan.
Second, green manufacturing
1. Quality improvement
Product quality is a necessary condition for the company's development. In order to further improve quality management and improve product quality, in 2016, the company further improved its quality management mechanism, consolidated the foundation for quality development, optimized the quality development environment, and strived to achieve a substantial improvement in product quality and continuously improve the company. Brand Value.
In recent years, the company has increased investment in science and technology; increased internal quality inspection management, strengthened investment in quality inspection equipment, equipped with advanced testing equipment, and the quality inspection operation status is good, and the product quality has been greatly improved.
The quality of the company's products is stable and feasible. The quality inspections of the national provinces are all qualified products, which are widely praised by users. The medium-wideband steel and high-speed wire products have won the “Quality Products of Hebei Province”, high-quality carbon structural steel (45, 55), prestressing. Steel for stranded steel (SWRH82B) and steel for welding (ER70S-6, H08A) won the Gold Cup Award for Metallurgical Products in China Metallurgical Industry Association.
2. Environmental management
In recent years, the company has further strengthened the construction of energy management system, equipped with complete energy meters, and the production lines are equipped with environmental energy-saving devices. The process energy consumption indicators are in line with national and local quota standards, and energy consumption and comprehensive utilization of resources meet the normative conditions.
In 2017, the company further improved the greening work, created a green ecological factory, and carried out a series of work such as comprehensive emission reduction treatment, comprehensive treatment of circulating water, advanced treatment of sewage, sealing of raw material greenhouses, and upgrading of various dust-making facilities.
3, energy saving upgrade
The company has invested nearly 700 million yuan in succession, continuously implemented comprehensive emission reduction, process upgrading and transformation, further accelerated green technology and equipment such as waste heat recovery and recovery, implementation of gas power generation upgrading project, accelerated the pace of energy-saving renovation, and improved energy. The secondary use reduces waste and creates considerable economic benefits.
At the same time, it invested nearly 300 million yuan to utilize the waste heat from the production process to provide centralized heating for the surrounding villages and Xinji City to achieve clean and warm heating.
The company strives to build a green manufacturing system, build a green supply chain, accelerate the establishment of a green manufacturing system that is resource-saving and environmentally friendly, strengthen green supervision, strengthen energy conservation supervision, and promote corporate social responsibility reporting systems.
4, brand promotion
Increase the brand promotion of the company's products, do a good job in brand promotion of “Aussen” products, build an efficient customer service system, enrich service content, improve service quality, and take the road of brand innovation development. In 2017, “Aussen” trademark was once again rated as Famous trademark of Hebei Province.
Third, security development
The company adheres to the safety management policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”, implements safety responsibilities of all departments at all levels, and continuously improves the safety and health quality of all employees. Increase supervision, inspection and assessment, increase investment, build a long-term mechanism for safe production, and improve safety production and occupational health management systems.
The company established a safety management committee, appointed a full-time safety vice president, implemented a four-level safety management system, improved the safety production system, deepened the safety production responsibility index system, implemented the safety production responsibility system at various levels, and signed safety production responsibility at various levels. Safety production targets, combined with the actual development of safety production responsibility inspection and assessment rules to ensure that safety production responsibility is implemented.
Fourth, talent development
1. Talent introduction
Adhere to the talents as the foundation of the company's sustainable development, establish a sound and scientific mechanism for selecting, employing, and educating people, speed up the introduction, and cultivate professional and technical talents, management talents, and skilled personnel that are urgently needed for the company's development. Build a talented team with excellent quality and reasonable structure, and take the development path led by talents. Implement an open policy for the introduction of innovative talents to attract more talents to adapt to the company's development.
In order to enhance the development potential of the company, in addition to recruiting college students from major universities across the country every year, the company also strengthens the internal quality of employees, and at the same time spares no expense to hire all kinds of senior technical talents to add new vitality and motivation to the company.
2. Employee promotion
The company insists that “everyone is a talent, and people do their best” to open up a channel for employees to advance. The company's front-line employees can improve their work ability, enhance their work ability, and achieve career promotion through their own efforts, forming a good employment mechanism.
3. Staff training
Employees are the direct creators of the company's wealth and the driving force for the company's development. Therefore, the overall quality of employees involves the company's development potential, and the improvement of the overall quality of employees is particularly important. Since 2013, the company has cooperated with Hebei Industrial Vocational Technology College to establish metallurgical technology, material forming and control technology, mechanical and electrical integration, etc., and has cultivated more than 260 professional counterparts with college education.
Cooperate with Xinji City Labor Technical School to carry out technical training and professional appraisal for the company's technical work. Accumulatively train employees and obtain more than 500 professional intermediate grades; also hire relevant professional experts in environmental protection, safety, quality, measurement, etc. to conduct training. Teaching activities, on-site counseling, and improve the overall quality of employees.
V. Return to society
Since the establishment of Ausen Steel, with the care and support of leaders at all levels, we have seized the national strategic opportunities such as the development of urbanization and the “Belt and Road”, making great efforts and innovation, and the company has developed rapidly. Based on the principle of “from the society and returning to the society”, the company is enthusiastic about all kinds of social welfare undertakings.
Law-abiding management and active taxation. Auson has always regarded integrity management as its corporate philosophy. For 11 consecutive years, it is the largest taxpayer in Xinji City. It has been rated as one of the top ten taxpayers and one of the top ten entrepreneurial merits.
Enthusiastic public welfare. The company invested more than 3 million yuan to build electricity for the surrounding villages. It invested more than 2 million yuan to donate funds to the schools and schools in the city, and invested 1.5 million to undertake the 2017 National Table Tennis Championships. Successfully solved the incident of black horse depositors petitioning and won wide acclaim from the society.
Care about employee life. The company attaches great importance to employees and cares for employees. The company has employee activity rooms, basketball courts, tennis courts and gymnasiums, which enriches the amateur cultural life of employees; organizes sports events, associations, knowledge contests and other activities to provide employees with a self-expression, The stage of transcending self has improved the level of corporate culture development.
Helping employees in difficulty. The company cares about every employee, gives enthusiastic help to those families in need, and reflects the company's care for employees. For employees with special difficulties, the company also sponsors the company's employees to donate money.