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Xinji Aosen Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.



East of Zhaoma Village, Nanzhiqiu

Town, Xinji City, Hebei Province

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The company has been awarded as Chinese top 500 manufacturing enterprises and top 100 enterprises in Hebei, Province in successive years.

Company culture

Company culture

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Corporate culture: integrity and innovation


Company philosophy:
Inflate your ambition:aspiring man boasts ambitious goals; 
Be tolerant to diversity:humble for advice, whoever is tolerant is great; 
Be kind-hearted and sincere:Fountainhead of personal cultivation and operation management; 
Respect for nature and love for mankind: people foremost is both the starting point and the ultimate goal, that man is an integral part of nature.
Company mission:
Enable each employee to achieve a happy life of material abundance, spirit enrichment, goodness of heart and full of positive cosmic energy!
Devote to the society and serve the motherland with competitive products and services; influence the world and move heaven and earth with Aosen spirit and our sincere heart!